Molyneux talks Natal, says it’s been updated since X10

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 5 March 2010 22:58 GMT

Molyneux Natal

Peter Molyneux has revealed that there have been “countless revisions of cameras and countless revisions of software” updates made to Project Natal since it was first shown to the press.

Speaking to, Molyneux tried to quell some fears that the peripheral is a bit laggy, especially in relation to comments made by Jonathan Ross – who, according to Molyneux, played with an older version of motion device.

“It’s always a huge frustration as a designer when you see somebody play a version when you know it’s been exceeded many times over,” he said. “It so often happens, because you do a version for a show and then you don’t do another version because you’re too busy developing the game.

“So very often you get a position that what a person’s looking at is two, three, four months, a year old and you kind of want to go, ‘no, no, it’s 10 times better than that!’ So it is very, very frustrating; it always is – there’s just countless revisions of cameras since the one at X10 and countless revisions of software.

During E3, Microsoft is slated to show the final version of Natal along with some titles expected for it at launch.

The peripheral will be out in time for the holiday shopping extravaganza.

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