Dark Age of Camelot to be managed by Mythic in Europe

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 16 February 2010 15:58 GMT


EA has revealed that it is -once again – the overlord of Dark Age of Camelot in Europe, after being run by GOA for the last few years.

Matter of fact – Mythic Entertainment will be taking over the Arthurian MMO.

Mythic already runs things for the MMO in North America, and no word on why GOA is no longer management in Europe was provided.

There’s an extensive FAQ regarding the change over on the official site, which should help explain things to you a bit (via Massively).

One such change is that Dark Age of Camelot players will be getting a free month, and the European version will be patched up to the current North American version – which is great news.

So far, it looks like all stats, characters, housing, guilds and the like will be transferable, so hopefully things will go smoothly for all involved.

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