Arkedo shows off canned Natal game

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 21 January 2010 12:19 GMT

2 Finger Heroes

Arkedo has revealed it was working on a finger-based Natal game known as 2 Finger Heroes.

It’s since been canned, the studio’s CEO Camile Guermonprez confirmed.

The developer detailed how the game would potentially work, and provided some concept art and bullshots.

Yours fingers were to act as protagonists, with power-ups awarded if you did a hand gesture. But flip the screen and you’d get a penalty [Nope, me either – Ed]. That’s the future, kids.

But why was it canned? The studio said as well as Natal needing a “very precise pattern recognition”, it’d also be “HELL to localize.”

Oh well.

Thanks, Joystiq and GAF.

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