Rockstar accused of poor working conditions by spouses

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 9 January 2010 17:04 GMT


Spouses of Rockstar San Diego are fed up with their husbands working to death, and formed a coalition, educating the public on the the developer’s “strenuous work hours and mistreatment of workers”.

Seeking to “ameliorate” the situation immediately”, the wives put out a document listing their grivences and describing what is like for their significant others down at the game development sweatshop.

The full document is posted in full over on D’toid, but here’s a blurb:

Initially, as work pressure in the office increases, so do the stress levels of employees. Recently, with the amount of stress that has been built up, there have been physical manifestations caused by stress making health a concern,” writes the group. “In the last years, there have also been many cuts on benefits despite the increasing demands on employees. After dedicated hard work on a project, weeks of comp time were offered as a reward and illustration of appreciation and understanding. Far from what is currently being met by the employees after nearly a year of constant strenuous activity.

Back in 2004, some damning evidence against EA came to light, when an employee’s spouse posted a piece on LiveJournal, detailing the hardships that were faced by employees, especially during “crunch time” which caused EA to ease up a bit.

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