Geoff Keighley talks VGAs, loads of surprises to come

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 11 December 2009 19:21 GMT


Geoff Keighley has told D’toid that there will be “more than 12” exclusives, including the announced Crackdown 2, a new Star Wars title, and at least two games he can’t even comment on during the VGAs tomorrow night.

He also mentioned that during the commercial breaks, the show will come back with new stage set ups, thanks to digital environments.

“We definitely have some pretty major surprises still to come,” he said. “Essentially, the biggest thing in the show hasn’t even been announced yet.

“We’re going to keep some of the environments secret [for now] but you’ll definitely get to see that we’ll be transforming a lot of worlds, even some games worlds, as well. We’re working with some game publishers to actually create some of the very cool content.

“You know, I think we do a pretty good job that will get the hardcore excited, but we also have to look at the broader more mainstream audience. Because if I booked ten Japanese RPGs on the show, that might be great for some of the real hardcore guys, but that’s not what’s going to appeal to the mainstream crowd.”

Keighley also revealed that Dead Space 2, Natal, and Sony’s motion controller will not be included in the show.

The full thing is through the link.

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