Each episode of Alien Breed: Evolution contains unique content

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 4 December 2009 17:39 GMT


John Dennis, Team 17’s design manager, has told RPS that each of the three episodes for Alien Breed: Evolution contains a narrative arc that links all three together, along with its own weapons, environments and aliens.

“Each episode is a stand-alone game that can be downloaded and played separately,” said Dennis. “There’s a narrative arc that links the three episodes together, each episode ending on a cliff-hanger that’s resolved at the start of the next episode. So if people download the first episode, we hope they’ll want to find out how the story carries on in later episodes [and] each episode has three unique maps designed specifically for co-op multiplayer.

“Each episode has a unique selection of weapons, environments and aliens, as well as it’s own set-piece battles and boss encounters, so each one has quite a different flavour. They’re all pretty tense affairs though. It still makes me nervous playing the game on “Elite” difficulty, and I’ve been working on the game since the start!

“I’m not sure what the price for each episode will be: I don’t think it’s been decided yet, but each episode’s between 5-8 hours of play, so I’m sure it’ll be good value for money.”

Dennis also said that the team is working hard on the PC version, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before it is released as well.

Hit the link for the full thing.

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