The Saboteur’s Sean to enjoy “great character growth, great story arc”

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 30 November 2009 19:24 GMT


The Saboteur’s Sean Devlin is a “human” protagonist that’ll see real progression as a character throughout the Parisian WWII game when it’s released later this week, Pandemic’s Jim Ferri said at a recent French press event.

“We felt that our character should be relatable,” Ferri told Xboxygen in a video you can see after the break. “We felt that he should be a guy who’s coming up through the ranks, a guy that’s worked honestly as a mechanic.

“He has his flaws. We wanted him to be human, and so he’s got his good sides and his bad sides, but in the end he goes through great character growth and a great story arc.”

The game sees Devlin, a racing driver turned Resistance collaborator, fighting back the Paris occupation in a free-roaming adventure promised to last up to 25 hours.

“The game gives you the ability to move around Paris freely, and… even though it’s got a beautiful fantasy to it, it’s really grounded and based in real Paris,” Ferri added.

“It has the monuments, the Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame, to all the great landmarks: the game does such a great job of representing this city.”

There’s plenty of gameplay footage in that movie. Looking none too shabby. It’s out on Friday for PC, 360 and PS3.

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