Siege of Mirkwood to contain solo mode for Volume One epic storyline

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 5 November 2009 23:05 GMT


Siege of Mirkwood is out on December 1, and there will be a new solo mode for players – like yours truly- who have not finished the epic quest line for Volume One due to being unable to find groups to tackle the content.

Because the game has been out for such a long period, higher level players not wanting to delve back into something they have already finished. Therefore, newer players or ones who have for one reason or another not finished the quest line – yours truly – are skipping it.

Riding in on a sturdy white horse from Book 15 comes Turbine to the rescue with the upcoming “Inspired by Greatness” mode.

The new mode enables players to solo these quests and in turn get a significant boost to morale/power, in and out of combat morale/ power regeneration, damage, and healing, according to MMORPG.

Great to hear, that.

In order to get you excited for the very large patch headed players’ way, new screens for the game are after the break, and feature the Ashenslades region deep in the forest of Mirkwood.

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