Molyneux: Milo explores “whole new area of interaction”

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 30 October 2009 14:17 GMT


Peter Molyneux’s told Techradar that Natal-based Milo & Kate will herald a “whole new area of interaction” in games, with focus coming back on the player as opposed to just being on the screen.

“What we found while making Milo, is that part of the skill of designing this whole new experience is in making people comfortable with the fact that they can be seen,” he said,

“That things can recognise them and see them and have a relationship with them. And we’ve been talking about that for years and years, you know, emotional engagement in gaming… ‘are games art?’… “how can we make people cry and laugh?”

“And then you begin to realise that this is a whole new area of interaction. Which really and truly has hardly even been dreamt of by science fiction writers. So I wasn’t at all surprised by some of those reactions at E3. But it is down to our skill as designers to make sure that people don’t feel creeped out by it.”

Full thing through the link. There’s no date on the game as yet. Natal’s expected towards the end of next year.

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