OpFlash man: Modern Warfare 2 is “Michael Bay of videogames”

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 23 October 2009 10:09 GMT


Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Sion Lenton has branded Modern Warfare 2 the “Michael Bay of videogames,” saying the upcoming Infinity Ward shooter is a “hyped event”.

“The very nature of the game, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, is a hyped event,” the developer told EG.

“It’s kind of like the Michael Bay of videogames. Its budget, its sales, all these kind of things – it is a huge game. But if you’re worried that about kind of thing then nobody would ever make games – there would only be one football game, one shooter game and one platform. It’s healthy to have competition.”

Lenton went on to say, however, that Dragon Rising and Modern Warfare 2 aren’t actually competing. Make your mind up, Sion.

“I don’t actually think we’re in the same place as Modern Warfare 2, anyway,” he said.

“We’re a different creature. We’ll probably get people buying [our game] and Modern Warfare 2 as well. There’s a market for both. I really see Modern Warfare 2 as Hollywood and we’re the Cannes, the arty documentary – dare I say the reportage-style thing.”

Full interview through there.

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