Miyamoto likes to measure things; Would go door-to-door for WiiFit Plus

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 15 October 2009 19:39 GMT


During the latest Iwata Asks segment, Miyamoto declares that he carries a tape measure around because he likes to guess the length of things, apparently.

“Well, I love measuring things,” he tells a laughing Satoru Iwata. “Why don’t you try carrying a tape measure around with you? You’re missing out! It’s a lot of fun, I’m telling you!”

Ah that Miyamoto. He sure is a card.

Also mentioned during the conversation, was that Miyamoto’s so pleased with WiiFit Plus that he’d like to go door-to-door and get people to switch out their old WiiFits.

“As one of the people who created and sold the previous title, I would actually like to go door-to-door to each and every user who bought WiiFit and say: “Please exchange your old copy for this new one!”

The full, wacky thing is through here.

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