Diablo III redline targeting system “not going anywhere”

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 9 October 2009 14:32 GMT


Poor old Blizzard. There it is, making what’s likely to be the most successful action-RPG of all time in Diablo III and all people can do is moan about the colours, the atmosphere, the price of cheese. Next up: having red outlines around targeted monsters.

“It’s still in and it’s not going anywhere,” said lead designer Jay Wilson when DIII.net asked him if he’d had thoughts about changing the system.

“I consider it absolutely essential for target selection. We tried tons of other systems, and that’s the one that worked really well.

“The complaint we get is that it makes the monsters pop out from the world, and our response is that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.”

No one knows when Diablo III’s releasing. And don’t push Jay on it. You might get lamped.

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