WET dev “looking at” new original IP

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 6 October 2009 10:07 GMT


WET developer A2M has told VG247 that it’s currently assessing working on more original IP.

“That’s definitely something A2M is looking at, so yes, that’s certainly a possibility,” said Patrick Fortier, WET’s creative director.

WET, published by Bethesda, released last month to middling reviews. No matter the game’s reception, however, don’t be hugely shocked if A2M gets back into bed with Bethesda for upcoming games.

“They understand Rubi [WET’s protagonist – Ed], they speak the same language as us (since they are developers too, they understand how things work on the floor) and they are consummate professionals, so it’s been nothing but joy collaborating with them,” Fortier added.

No further detail on A2M’s upcoming projects is available as yet.

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