Tretton “couldn’t be happier” with recent PS3 sales figures

By Johnny Cullen, Monday, 5 October 2009 13:23 GMT


SCEA president Jack Tretton has revealed he “couldn’t be happier” with the recent sales figures the PlayStation 3 has recieved since introducing the price-cut and the PS3 Slim at GamesCom over a month ago.

“Skyrocketing sales, couldn’t be happier with the numbers that we’re seeing, and I think proof that there was tremendous consumer demand, they were just waiting for the price-point to come down.”

Tretton also talks about Micrsoft and Nintendo in the interview. On Microsoft?

“I love their money. I think they can afford to be more patient, we’re very profit driven, we’re interested in return on investment in a fairly short period of time. I think Microsoft is prepared to go at it from a very steep curve in terms of profitability.”

And on Nintendo:

“Nintendo is almost the polar opposite. They know what they do well and they stick to it. They deliver a casual, youth-oriented entertainment experience that’s very enjoyable after 20 years. And they make money, they print money. Their profitability is their key focus and features are nice but profitability is king and I think that is enviable.”

Find more of the interview over at Forbes.

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