Jay Leno says lending voice to GT PSP was “an honor”

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 29 September 2009 19:47 GMT


Former Late Night host Jay Leno told Sony during an interview for the September issue of Qore, that lending his voice to Gran Turismo PSP was “an honor” and a “big thrill” for the comedian as he is a fan of the games and a maniac car-collector.

When asked about his involvment with the game, Leno said it all began when the developers asked if they could visit his legendary garage and record the different engine sounds his cars make.

“I guess they heard I had some unusual cars and they wanted to come here and record the sounds,” said Leno. “To me it was great, because as a kid, I used to buy those records – where other kids were playing the Beatles – I would have the record of the BRM 16-cylinder….

“So they call me and ask [about the cars] and I said sure it would be fun to do and they asked if I wanted to add my voice to it, and I think it’s a huge honor…and yeah it’s a big thrill.”

He waffles on a bit there, being funny and cute and such, so we didn’t type those parts so you could watch and hear it yourself.

More through the US PS Blog.

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