Blizzard: New MMO will “create a game experience unlike anything done before”

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 1 September 2009 16:30 GMT


Blizzard COO, Paul Sams, has explained that the firm’s top-secret MMO will not “cannibalize” on World of Warcraft meaning that both games will be able to exist in harmony with one another – until people leave WoW for the new game.

“I think the game is going to be significantly differentiated enough [from WoW], such that, you’re not going to feel like they’re one in the same resulting in that you have to pick or choose,” Sams told Wired. “My feeling is that they’re distinct enough to where you’re going to say, ‘Okay, I have all my friends over here. I dig this, I have a lot of time and energy in this, I’ve got these characters and my guild, and this that and the other.’ So I have connectivity there, and I want to continue that connectivity. But man, I think, ‘Well, this is awesome, and I want to go check this out too.’

“And so maybe they’ll split a little over time, or maybe they’ll decide they don’t want to play WoW anymore, and they’ll go and play this other thing. That’s a high-class problem to have. As long as those folks are hanging out with us, which I believe they will be because we’re going to keep providing the best experience you can have.

“So, while there could be other games out there, if the bad thing that happens to us is that they leave WoW and go to this other thing of Blizzard’s, then we’ll work through that pain.”

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