BlizzCon 09: Blizzard uses StarCraft II map maker to create third-person RPG, shmup, Super Zerg

By Nathan Grayson, Sunday, 23 August 2009 00:48 GMT


If you thought Blizzard’s decision to let players to charge for created maps was the straw that broke the zergling’s back, you might want to reconsider.

During BlizzCon’s StarCraft II gameplay panel, Blizzard showed off three custom maps that a few developers had whipped up in their free time. One was  a third-person action-RPG, another was an old-school, top-down Galaga-style space shooter, and the third featured a custom-made mega-Zerg. Custom user interfaces and things of the like were used.

Why is this important? Because, using what is allegedly the vanilla map-making toolset, it’s fairly easy to leap into other genres and design enemies and levels that fit your particular game.

Also, because the mega-Zerg used a shockwave attack to kill, like, three hundred zerglings at once. It was wicked.

In theory, then, this toolset could certainly be used to design maps — or even full games — packed with at least four or five dollars-worth of fun. Or that’s the hope, anyway. And, of course, there will still be free maps. What’s not to like?

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