Cataclysm Panel: Guild advancement system detailed, new race/class combos, Raganaros returning

By Nathan Grayson, Friday, 21 August 2009 23:31 GMT


We just finished up at the BlizzCon WoW: Cataclysm panel and our news nets are full to bursting with wriggling tidbits. And you know what that means: info-dump, go!

  • The expansion’s adding multiple new advancement systems. First up, the Guild Advancement System allows guilds to level all the way to 20 by doing normal activities like daily quests and raids. Corresponding guild talent trees lead to cheaper repairs, mass raid resurrections, and things of the like.
  • There are seven new zones in Cataclysm. They are Mount Hyjal, The Lost Isles, Gilneas, Uldum, the Sunken City of Vashj’ir, Twighlight Highlands, and Deepholm.
  • Both classes have racial abilities that are sure to send seasoned WoW-players into nerdrage-fueled tizzies. The Worgen have darkflight, a sprinting ability, while Goblins get a rocket belt that can propel them forward or fire rockets at their foes.
  • New race/class combos are coming. We saw a Tauren Paladin (“Holy cow!”), a gnome priest, and a dwarf shaman.
  • Unlike previous expansions, Cataclysm won’t feature new talent trees. However, you will be able to advance along the Path of the Titans, which splits into many separate branches — all of which can be accessed by any class. So, in theory, a priest and, say, a rogue could end up with some of the same skills. The Path of the Titans is heavily tied to the game’s new secondary profession: archaeology.
  • Ragnaros is back, and he’s pissed. This time, the colossal flame elemental is attempting to exact his vengeance through deforestation, which — unless you’re Captain Planet or an RP-ing Tauren — probably won’t get you too hot under the collar. However, ol’ Raggy’s aiming for the World Tree, which is kind of a big deal in WoW lore. You’ll be able to douse the fiery ne’er do well for the (1000 and) second time in a Cataclysm dungeon called Firelands.

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