Beatles side projects will not be included with Rock Band game

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 14 August 2009 18:20 GMT


Harmonix’s John Drake has told Joystiq that side projects done by members of The Beatles will not be included in the Rock Band game for the band.

However, that doesn’t mean songs created during the solo careers won’t be featured as DLC for the original game.

“The design team really focused on The Beatles: Rock Band being about the four guys,” he told the site. “It’s about the lives and times of these four individuals playing together and the joy that came from the music they made.

“So you won’t see session players, you won’t see the families because it was hard to see where the line would be drawn. I know our creative and executive team spent a lot of time with Apple trying to say, “Do you include Eric Clapton’s solo, or Billy Preston’s keyboard stuff?” So instead, we just made it about those four guys.

“But it is about the defined part of their career, so you probably won’t see Ringo’s solo career, or Wings, or John Lennon’s or George’s songs. It’s going to be just the four Beatles playing together. It doesn’t mean we won’t see any of those songs in Rock Band, or something along those lines.”

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