Sony wants your words to be in the new MAG trailer

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 7 August 2009 18:33 GMT


Sony wants you to write an inspirational battlefield speech and the best one will be featured in the new trailer for MAG.

Ten will be picked, professionally recorded for use in the trailer and the authors will win a MAG prize that will be announced soon.

Things to consider when writing, according to Sony:

  • MAG is all about multiplayer combat on an unprecedented scale, so think big.
  • The game revolves around three private military corporations – Raven, Valor and S.V.E.R – so you could incorporate them and their personalities into your writing.
  • Be original – we Google too so don’t borrow lines from Winston Churchill, Saving Private Ryan or anywhere else!
  • Words are slippery things and just because they look good on the screen, they might not sound so epic when spoken. Try reading your entries aloud to make sure they roll off the tongue with ease.
  • Keep it clean – sure soldiers swear all the time but this is a family blog, so all the normal commenting rules apply.

Sony will also post some of the best speeches on the blog.

More information over on the Euro PS Blog.

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Euro Ps Blog


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