Wolfenstein multiplayer details revealed by Endrant Studios

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 30 July 2009 20:01 GMT


Endrant Studios has detailed the multiplayer aspects of for Wolfenstein, and the multi-part includes eight maps, three classes, unlockables, veil powers, and other goodies.

“Players can enter the veil dimension and use veil powers much like the ones BJ has access to, as well as all the standard weapons and items,” said Endrant’s Matt Wilson to GameSpot. Players will not be able to slow time using veil powers in multiplayer like they can in single-player.

“In multiplayer, you’re not BJ–you’re a member of either the Resistance or the Axis, and you play as one of three roles: soldier, medic or engineer,” he continued. “We wanted to keep the three roles distinct, so we gave them their own unique veil powers that are specific to their responsibilities within the team.”

Along with unlockable weapon and power upgrades, multiplayer also includes eight maps spanning three modes.

“In Objective mode, the attacking team tries to complete one or more objectives in the map while the defending team tries to stop them,” said Wilson. “In Stopwatch, you do the same but swap over at half-time, and the attacking team which completed the map fastest is the overall winner.

“The unlocks for each give you options on what to upgrade and when, but you can only have one unlock per category (weapon, item, veil power, etc.) active at once,” explained Wilson. “Some of the choices you’ll have to make are things like power versus accuracy, reload time versus recoil/muzzle kick.”

Game’s out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 August 18.

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