Wesker will not appear in future Resident Evil games, says producer

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 25 July 2009 18:46 GMT


During a Capcom panel at Comic-Con, Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata was asked if Albert Wesker would appear in more Resident Evil games considering Resident Evil 5 left you wondering for some reason.

Apparently, the answer is no.

“Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back there is no chance of that happening,” Kawata told the audience, reports Siliconera.

So after appearing in the original, Code Veronica, Zero, RE4 and RE5 (Darkside Chronicles technically doesn’t count) Wesker is no more.

But if there is one thing we have learned playing different videogames over the years, it’s that you can’t keep a good series villain down for long.

Right Ganon/Ganondorf?

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