Acti boss – PS360 motion tech “logical” after Wii’s success

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 25 June 2009 11:40 GMT


Motion-sensing was a done deal after the popularity of the concept of Wii, Activision president Mike Griffith told GI at E3.

“Those are logical directions for Sony and Microsoft and obviously they’re seeing what everyone else is seeing – that the consumer has responded well to the physical interface of the Wii,” he said.

“This has been their response and I think they are expecting it to expand their audience which will be good for the industry by bringing in additional gamers.”

Griffiths added that Activision support would come provided Natal and PS3’s “wand” device were welcomed by the public.

“We’re always very supportive of their initiatives, we’ve got close relationships with all the first parties and if the consumer is receptive we’ll be supporting them,” he said.

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