John McEnroe is excited to be in Grand Slam Tennis

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 22 May 2009 22:12 GMT


EA interviewed tennis legend John McEnroe in a mailer sent out to the press, and while it does indeed advertise Grand Slam Tennis, there are a few interesting tidbits in it.

For one, this is John McEnroe’s first appearance in a videogame, and he seems rather excited about it.

“I’m pretty excited to be with some of the younger guys and how we match up,” he said. “I’ve waited a long time—50 years young—so I’ll see how I match up against the Nadals and the Federers; probably not real well but maybe this will help my chances.”

Best part was when he was asked why he wanted his famous 70’s ‘fro to be his look for the game. He responded like most athletes would looking back on their prime.

“Can you blame me? It was a magical time though I’m probably biased since it was the time I was playing. But the late 70s into the mid-80s especially was a great time in tennis, it seemed to be exploding in popularity. We did do things a little differently, a lot of characters out there. I think you’ll see even me with my shorts a little shorter than the other players. We had some wild looking hair and the headbands.

“People remember that and I look back on it fondly, not every hair style but there’s a couple others that I could live with. The most famous of the matches, particularly that Borg match in ’80 Wimbledon, the way he looked in his outfit and my puffy hair look, it’s probably more appropriate I would say to have that one.”

You can read the full thing over on GoNintendo.

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