City of Heroes cheaters to have rewards revoked

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 6 May 2009 19:58 GMT


City of Heroes players who used exploits in the Mission Architect feature to power level their characters may get rewards earned through the dubious act revoked as a punishment.

The possibility of the character being disabled completely is also a possibility.

CoH lead designer Matt “Positron” Miller outlined the consequences over on the official forums:

  • Players that have abused the reward system egregiously may lose benefits they have gained – leading up to and perhaps including losing access to the characters power-leveled in this fashion.
  • Currently, some badges are being modified, and some may be removed from the game entirely. The list of changes being made to the MA badge system is not final yet, but you will be made aware when we have a concrete plan.
  • Players who knowingly use an exploit when creating an arc, run the risk of having access to MA suspended, or worse- depending on the severity of the action, their account banned.

Missions that were created to exploit the system will also be deleted.

Via Massively.

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City Of Heroes


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