We get Venice postcard, smell Assassin-shaped rat

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 15 April 2009 09:43 GMT


Now. We received a postcard from Italy this morning, showing a Venice scene. The postmark, however, isn’t Venetian. There’s nothing written on it at all. Hit the link to see a hi-res shot.

There’s a few reasons why there’s almost certainly something fishy going on here:

  1. The image shows Venice. Seen Venice in the news recently?
  2. There’s a plaque on the right sporting the words “Da Vinci”. Seen Da Vinci in the news recently?
  3. We don’t know anyone in Venice, from Venice, or related to Venice in any way.
  4. It’s highly unlikely anyone we do know in Italy would send us a postcard of Venice.
  5. We run a videogames website. This is probably about a videogame.

We’ve asked Ubi for comment. Take a look for yourself.

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