Hollenshead: Independent Wii development is unjustifiable

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 11 April 2009 11:24 GMT


Todd Hollenshead has told Gamespot that developing Wii titles as an independent may cost you a lot more than a few years’ work.

“Independent Wii-centric development is not really justified yet,” he said.

“Maybe it’s just that we don’t know how to exploit it, and Nintendo does because they made the Wii, and they’re really that good,” he added.

“I’m not trying to take away from those guys at Nintendo. Their games are awesome–I’m a fan, too. But as a company that doesn’t make Nintendo-type games, the Wii is less of a compelling platform for us to really sink a lot of resources into.”

The exec claimed that Wii was a loss-leader for all but first-party and licensed product.

“if you look at the data, the Wii is Nintendo and then everybody else,” he said.

“And then among everybody else, it’s licensed properties and then stuff that people lose money on.”

We’re going to start developing a Wii game right now.

Full thing through the link.

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