Aion: Tower of Eternity vid shows off Ishalgen Zone

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 24 March 2009 06:40 GMT


NCsoft’s released a trailer of Aion’s Ishalgen Zone: stream it here.

The Korean MMO’s out in the West this year, and does a good job of looking extremely pretty. Apparently:

The island of Ishalgen is a fragment of Asmodae, slowly being pulled apart by several warring factions. The Ulgorn Bandits have established themselves quite comfortably within the Aldelle Village, claiming both the breathtaking Lake Tunapre as well as the mysterious Munihele Forest as their own. Tensions run high within the Odella Plantation, where the fierce Gray Mane Mau have enslaved the Dundun Skurvs to cultivate Odella. Suspicious by nature, the Ulgorn Bandits have found themselves with even more to worry about, as a strange ship carrying unfamiliar faces has recently shown up along the Anturoon Coast. The Ishalgen Prison Camp with its seething hordes of undead remains one of the few uncontested regions of the island, although it is rumored to harbor a powerful secret.

More on this soon, hopefully.

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