The Pitt is for both Fallout 3 “completists” and “casual” players, says Bethesda

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 17 March 2009 10:03 GMT


Fallout 3 DLC The Pitt will appeal to both obsessives and casual players just looking for fun and story, Bethesda’s told VG247.

“The content works well for both camps,” said Jeff Gardiner, lead producer on the 360 and PC content.

“If you’re a ‘completist,’ you’ll find not only new Raider Armor, weapons like the AutoAxe, and a new set of power armor, but also be able to experience a new part of Fallout that has been hinted about both in Fallout 3 and the canon as a whole.

“If you’re a casual player, you’ll get hours of new content, a compelling story, plus all of the above.”

The DLC, the game’s second piece after Operation: Achorage, was set in Pittsburgh for several reasons, we were told.

“Pittsburgh has a special resonance with several of our team members,” Gardiner added.

“Plus, it was fun to build large buildings that aren’t completely bombed out, as the city itself escaped direct bombardment during the war. It’s
also relatively close to Washington, DC. Pittsburgh also fit thematically with the notion of exploring a Raider society, which the player will now finally be able to do.”

The Pitt releases for both PC and 360 on March 24, priced 800 MS Points. You’ll get about four hours play from it.

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