Source: Last solus DS Lites on the way in “coming weeks”

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 12 March 2009 07:55 GMT


The market’s to decide how DS Lite performs at retail against the DSi, right? Not quite.

A British retail source told VG247 today that Nintendo is now in the process of actively phasing out DS Lite, with the last solus machines hitting UK stores in the next few weeks.

“I can confirm this as true,” we were told, our source talking of the validity of this GoNintendo story, which said yesterday that solus DS Lites are to be completely discontinued in Britain, and white and silver consoles are to be phased out entirely.

In preparation for DSi’s launch, the following are going to be made the only DS Lite packages available in the UK, according to GoNintendo:

  • Black DS with Brain Training (£119.99)
  • Pink with Nintendogs Labrador
  • Red with Big Brain Academy
  • Blue with Brain Training
  • Turquoise with Brain Training

“We received information today about the last of the solus DS Lites being delivered to stores in the coming weeks,” said our source, a retailer from a major UK chain.

“The list of bundles above is the same one we received today.”

Silver and white DS Lites are definitely out.

“The bit about the end of the Silver and White DS Lite is also true,” our chap continued.

“That came out a while ago, but was only recently confirmed. The White SKU is one of their most popular colours and we were at a loss as to why they’d finish it, until you remember that the DSi is appearing in white very soon.”

DSi launches in Europe on April 3 and the US on April 5. We’ll contact Nintendo for comment in a couple of hours.

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