German school shooter was, of course, a Counter-Strike Player

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 12 March 2009 15:00 GMT


A German teenager who killed 16 people in a shooting rampage was a Counter-Strike fan, according to reports.

An acquaintance of Tim Kretschmer has said the two of them would play Counter-Strike together in person and online.

Speaking with the Associated Press, the unidentified teen said that Tim was a quiet, reserved person who “was good” at the game.

Tim was also a very good physical shot, who used to target practice behind the house and shoot plastic balls with an air rifle. Six hunting rifles in his home were under lock and key, but the 9mm Beretta he used on the victims was kept in a bedside drawer.

He was also reportedly depressed, and, according to another acquaintance, had sent a letter to his parents a few weeks prior to the event saying he was “suffering@ and couldn’t “go on”.

German political officials have been discussing violence in games a lot lately, and the Counter-Strike bit will certainly add to it.

Counter-Strike made similar headlines two years ago when press focused on the VA Tech shooter being a fan of the game.

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