Limited edition 12″ Mega Drive record compo winner is…

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 9 March 2009 11:03 GMT


G1GAHURTZ has won our limited edition Mega Drive Ultimate Collection competition, meaning he gets a 12″ blue vinyl record and the game on either PS3 or 360.

Here’s why he wins:

I deserve to win it, because I was once working on a new IP at a small start up company and SEGA had agreed to publish it.

Then on the exact day that we were due to go into full production, they decided to pull the plug, causing me a lot of stress while we looked for a new publisher or project to work on.

So they OWE me!

Big time!

Mail patrick [at] and let us know which format you want the game on, G1GAHURTZ, and we’ll get Sega to send over a copy.

A noteable second goes to crackdude for this:

My whole life is Sega. My first videogame expirience was Sonic followed by Super Hang-On when I was 2yo. I got my Mega Drive when I was 5yo. Until I was 10, I always pulled my hair back and said I looked “like Knuckles now”. When I was 7 I got a Sonic light lamp, which I still have in my room shining brightly after a decade (funny how it lasted longer than Sonic O_o). My favourite band is Crush 40. My dream is to have a Daytona USA arcade machine in my room. I still sleep with my Sonic-themed shorts. I skipped a math exam once just to play House of the Dead 2 at a friend’s house. The first word I wrote was SEGA. Second was Sonic.

But even besides all of this, I want to win this vinyl to give it as a gift to my best friend. He knows how much it means to me if I win it. Unfortunatelly, I don’t have any money to buy one off eBay or such =(

I just love to think that.. if Sega is the history of my life and owner of a piece of me, I would love to make part of Sega’s history too. If only by owning this little bit of it.

So please vg247, make me win this =)

It’s too heartfelt for us to ignore. We’ve got a copy of Empire: Total War here for you, crackdude. It’s published by Sega, so hopefully it’ll help ease the pain.

Send your addresses to patrick [at], both of you, and we’ll post everything off.

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