Wheelman, Wrestlemania and Wanted demos hit Live

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 5 March 2009 11:51 GMT


Microsoft just posted demos for Wheelman, Legends of Wrestlemania and Wanted on Live.

We’ll have some vids for you in a tick. We might not do Wanted, though.

Thanks, Darkzero.

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Legends Of Wrestlemania

  • Legends of Wrestlemania - large asses grind in video

    THQ released a demo of Legends of Wrestlemania yesterday, so we thought we’d take a movie of Andre the Giant kicking the shit out of Hulk Hogan. It’s Friday, after all. Just look at Andre’s ass. Seriously. The game’s out this “spring” for 360 and PS3. New shots here.

  • Legends of Wrestlemania - 28 shots

    There’s little more men in tights than men in tights, as you’ll see in the gallery of Legends of Wrestlemania screens after the break. The game features a Create-a-Legend system, has exhaustive intros and more. Everyone loves a big man with his bum hanging out waving at teenage boys. See for yourself.

Wanted: Weapons Of Fate

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