Iwata: DSi music playlists are easier to create than those on a PC

By Patrick Garratt, Saturday, 28 February 2009 15:00 GMT


DSi is amazing. It can do it all. Pictures, games, music: you name it. So incredible is it at music, in fact, that sorting all your “tunes” out into playlists is easier than it is on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. Don’t take our word for it. Nintendo super boss Satoru Iwata said so.

“Because of the two screens and touchscreen, it’s easier to add songs to playlists than it is on a computer,” he said.

“Development of Nintendo DSi Sound originally started with an idea from Miyamoto-san, but when I see the final product, I feel like it possesses a value as a music player that previous music players haven’t.

“That’s because the Nintendo DSi has speakers with improved sound quality and volume. Of course, it can’t compare with using full fledged headphones, but even if you don’t use headphones, you can enjoy listening to music with your family in the living room or dining room.

Want to leave the dining room and still enjoy your rinsin’ beats? You can.

“You can enjoy it all over the house, alone in the bathroom or in your bedroom, without having to worry about a headphone cord.

“You can do that because the speakers are one with the handheld device. The places where you can use your music player have expanded dramatically.”

We’ll buy 50, Satoru. DSi launched in Europe and the US in April.

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