John Carmack “in talks” to create exclusive game for Wii

By Nathan Grayson, Tuesday, 24 February 2009 22:08 GMT


In an interview with MTV Multiplayer, id Software mega-brain John Carmack admitted that he might’ve been a tad hasty in declaring Nintendo’s rascally white waggle-muffin to be an underpowered miscreant.

“Interestingly, I actually spend far more time playing Wii with my four year-old boy than I do with any other game console. So I’m definitely sympathetic to the platform,” he said.

“We’ve been pitched and talked about a project to do a title that would fit well on the Wii, and it’s actually related to an iPhone title that we’re doing. But that’s still kind of up in the air as to what other developer we would partner with on there.”

At the very least, however, Carmack is sure that his company’s first date with the Wii won’t be a crummy rehash of a previous id product.

“Yeah, it would have to be a completely different game. We would use one of our existing IPs where we have a little bit of leverage. It’s not something that really any of our titles, that are under development currently would be appropriate for,” he noted.

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