Remedy publishes two more Alan Wake excerpts

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 23 February 2009 19:53 GMT


Remedy’s dropped two more text passages from Alan Wake, a move likely to add more weight to gossip of a GDC reveal.

A first snippet was released on Friday night.

Alan’s an author. So he writes. This is what he writes. Poor old Alan.

Rusty’s screams were still ringing in my ears. The tree stump the grove got its name from looked like a severed leg of a monsterous bird. I prayed that the gun would make a difference. Every time I moved the flashlight, I was afraid of the horrors it might reveal. Suddenly a ragged arrow gloved in the light. I followed it.

– Alan Wake

Here’s the second one.

I taped a note on the door (I had forgotten so many things already).
and made its way inside, through a nostril or an ear. I barricaded the door of the cabin. I kept the lights on at all times. I was convinced that I would wake up changed, darkness having seeped in through the cracks in the floor, crawled up to my bed. I became increasingly afraid to go to sleep.

-Alan Wake

Got that? Goodo. Show it, please. Thanks, IGN.

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