King’s Bounty: The Legend in stores today for PC

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 14 February 2009 03:00 GMT


King’s Bounty: The Legend arrives in stores today.

The RPG/RTS hybrid allows you to lead an army of dwarves, humans, vampires, pirates, snakes and devilfish across a huge continent, completing missions such as leading revolutions, overthrowing tyrants, slaying dragons and taking part in strategic battles. Eclectic.

You can even start your own family should the desire strike you. Mates can be anything from zombies to supernatural creatures — you’ll also gain points for spawning strange offspring.


Press release after the jump.

13th February 2009

King’s Bounty: The Legend, a knight saga that blends role-playing adventure and battle strategy in a fantasy land, is released today by Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment. Players must become heroes and travel in real-time with their army across a huge continent, completing missions such as leading revolutions, overthrowing evil tyrants, slaying dragons and taking part in strategic battles to stop those with plans for world domination.

There are many unique aspects to the game. Armies can be completely customised to include units consisting of snakes, pirates and vampires, as well as the more traditional humans and dwarves, leading to exciting and extraordinary battles. Characters are able to start their own family by marrying a zombie, or any other supernatural creature that takes their fancy, before gaining extra bonus points by fathering offspring.

The game is set on a giant continent made up of different kingdoms and realms. Players travel with their armies across land, sea and underground, journeying through forests and caves to get to castles, villages and a variety of other locations. As missions are completed, characters develop new skills and collect different equipment and weapons for more demanding quests. A range of puzzling, formidable and totally unexpected challenges await, which will bring players face to face with Demons, Orcs, Fire Dragonflies and Devilfish.

King’s Bounty: The Legend is released today by Ascaron Entertainment and Nobilis.

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