Bethesda ranks top Oblivion DLC, reveals horse armor’s shocking secret

By Nathan Grayson, Sunday, 1 February 2009 01:16 GMT


Animals need clothes. This is an undeniable fact. And yet, Oblivion is the one of the few games in existence that allows players to keep their furry friends’ filthy unmentionables out of the public eye. It’s a shame too, because just look at what humanity’s bizarre innate desire has done for Bethesda.

“You guys LOVE Oblivion,” exclaimed Bethesda scribe “aching.” “To this day, 2 years later. Looking at our Xbox Live reports, every day, tens of thousands of people STILL play Oblivion and they purchase thousands and thousands of downloadable content — again, every day.”

“Yes, even Horse Armor continues to sell daily.”


Check out the list of rankings after the break.

By Nathan Grayson

1. Wizard’s Tower
2. Thieves Den
3. Mehrunes Razor
4. Spell Tomes
5. Vile Lair
6. The Orrery
7. Knights of the Nine
8. Shivering Isles
9. Horse Armor
10. Fighter’s Stronghold*

*If we rank by pure downloads and include the free promotions we’ve had, Fighter’s Stronghold becomes #1.

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