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By Mike, Friday, 30 January 2009 14:38 GMT


Sony has just announced Buzz! Brain of the UK, a new iteration of the rather excellent quiz series featuring over 4000 questions based purely on the United Kingdom.

“It’s not just kings and queens, though,” says the press release in case you were wondering.

“You’ll find questions on diverse aspects of UK life: there’ll be questions on bands, cities, sports personalities, television favourites, wildlife, food and more.”

Buzz! Brain of the UK is out for PS3, PS2 and PSP in March.

Full press release and screenshots after the break.

By Mike Bowden

Buzz!™: Brain Of The UK: be a national trivia hero!

Take on your compatriots in a feast of trivia questions on British people, places, history, sports, music, movies and more!

London, 30th January: This year, Buzz is on his way to the UK. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is sending the sharp-suited gameshow host on his first national tour, searching for our biggest trivia brainbox with a quiz that’ll have patriotic fans hitting their buzzers or waving their PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) for joy. Packed with thousands of questions on various aspects of (country), the huge Buzz!™: Brain Of The UK is available on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), PlayStation®2 and PSP and arrives this March. A laugh-a-minute game that’s easy for friends and families to pick up and dive straight into, it’ll test your trivia skills to the hilt while delivering chuckles galore every time – and PS3 owners can compete for a place on the national leaderboard to find out just who is the Brain of The UK.

For the first time in Buzz!, the majority of Buzz!: Brain Of The UK questions cover topics specific to the UK. It’s not just kings and queens, though – you’ll find questions on diverse aspects of UK life: there’ll be questions on bands, cities, sports personalities, television favourites, wildlife, food and more. Anyone can play: just round up your friends or family, grab the easy-to-use Buzz! buzzers (or simply the PSP system) and get competing. Your nattily-dressed and wisecracking host fires the questions – you buzz the answers in loads of different game modes. Here’s the rundown for each platform:

With more than 4000 questions all about the UK as well as general knowledge – all of which you can play with your friends at home or online against other trivia fans on PlayStation®Network, you won’t be able to put your wireless buzzer down. Compete for the high score on the national leaderboard and play with up to eight friends across five trivia channels: Movies & TV, Music, Sport, Lifestyle and Knowledge; then, when you’ve mastered your national knowledge, go online at to write your own quizzes or download extra premium quiz packs from PlayStation®Store.

Identify your friends’ trivia weak spots and pass them the PSP system– this specially designed version lets you play wherever you want, with six players able to play together on just one PSP. Each player gets their turn to answer one of the thousands of questions about the UK and then pass the PSP system on, helping select questions for friends and playing on their weaknesses. It makes for hilarious competition – and there’s a great single-player mode with 15 trivia challenges to master, awards to win and medals to collect.

PlayStation 2
Play a challenging single-player game or get your friends and family over to tackle the thousands of questions on the UK as well as general knowledge brain-teasers. Whether your expertise lies in British movies and TV, music, sport, history or geography, you’ll find the line of questions to beat your friends at. With plenty of videos and images as well as loads of different rounds, you’ll be buzzing for hours to prove you’re more of a Brain Of The UK than your friends and family.

The game that turns your surroundings into a gameshow studio has returned on every PlayStation® system with a national twist for 2009 – and its host is challenging you to become the Brain Of The UK Are you up to the challenge? Buzz!: Brain Of The UK arriving this March.


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About Buzz!
Conceived and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s World Wide Studios, the Buzz! franchise has brought the PlayStation experience to millions of quiz fans and social gamers around the world – shipping more than 6.5 million units across the PAL region and a further 2.3 million units in the Buzz Junior™ range. The first title in the Buzz! franchise, Buzz!: The Music Quiz™, presented by the eponymous Buzz, was launched in Autumn 2005 on PlayStation®2. It introduced the public to a new way of gaming; simple multiplayer buzzer action and a commitment to deliver quiz games for every interest and tailored to every territory. This has seen a series of regular launches of specialist and general knowledge Buzz! quizzes covering topics ranging from Sports to Hollywood celebrities. July 2008 saw Buzz! move onto PLAYSTATION®3 with Buzz!™: Quiz TV, a natural evolution for the franchise that delivers a dedicated quiz TV network with a channel for each quiz topic, a full schedule of downloadable quiz packs and the creation of a global online quiz community that can compete through PlayStation®Network in ‘Sofa Vs. Sofa’ challenges as well as develop its own mini quizzes. 2008 also saw Buzz! move onto PSP for the first time with Buzz!™: Master Quiz – a general knowledge quiz with six new round types specifically designed for PSP including a multiplayer Pass Around Mode that uses one PSP to play against two-six opponents. This was followed in December 2008 by Buzz!™: Brain Bender, in which Buzz brought his trademark humour to the brain-training genre.

Buzz timeline:
Autumn 2005: Buzz!™: The Music Quiz
March 2006: Buzz!™: The Big Quiz
Autumn 2006: Buzz!™: The Sports Quiz
March 2007 Buzz!™: The Mega Quiz
October 2007: Buzz!™: The Hollywood Quiz
March 2008: Buzz!™: Pop Quiz
July 2008: Buzz!™: Quiz TV on PLAYSTATION®3
July 2008: Buzz! ™: Master Quiz on PSP™
December 2008: Buzz!™: Brain Bender on PSP™

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