UK Guitar Hero World Tour/Rock Band ratio closer to 4:1, says Red Octane

By Mike, Monday, 26 January 2009 12:32 GMT


Off the back of the earlier news that Guitar Hero World Tour has outsold Rock Band by a ratio of 2:1, Red Octane’s UK senior brand manager, Ian McClellan, told VG247 today that this figure is more like 4:1 in the UK.

“From a UK perspective, we think the growth in music gaming in 2008 is a great thing, as it brings new and different music to consumers and allows them to experience the feeling of being a rock star,” said McClellan.

“The emergence of new titles such as Rock Band is great if it grows the overall market. However, based on our UK market figures, that ratio of sales is conservative – its more like 4:1,” he added.

“We have found that more casual titles such as Wii Music have been the titles that have actually grown the overall category by introducing new gamers to this genre”.

By Mike Bowden

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