Capcom: Resident Evil 5 can still “loosely be considered a survival horror game”

By Mike, Monday, 26 January 2009 08:52 GMT


Chris Kramer, Capcom’s senior director for communications and community, has told Major Nelson that Resident Evil 5 is a continuation of the series and is no longer a traditional survival horror game.

“Resident Evil 5 can still loosely be considered a survival horror game,” he offered. However, compared with Resident Evil 4 it will be “more exciting, more action with more tension.”

“You have the ability to feel more like an action hero,” he went on. “You will have the largest Arsenal of weapons in a Resident Evil game to date.”

“The whole game is designed from ground up for co-op,” Kramer added. “There will never be a point where Sheva is knocked on the head or stolen by Gremlins.”

“It’s totally changed the Resident Evil experience and it’s as big a leap forward for the series as Resident Evil 4 was.”

The Resident Evil 5 demo should be ready to download on Xbox Live Marketplace any minute now.

By Mike Bowden

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