10/10 scores revisited, ridiculed

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 26 January 2009 06:56 GMT


GameDaily‘s gone back over its 10/10 reviews, finding some of them distinctly lacking.

Not news as such, but an interesting exercise nonetheless. The Call of Duty 3 write-up’s pretty funny.

“Our ridiculous Call of Duty 3 review dares to ask the question, ‘Greatest World War II video game?’ and then follows it up with the erroneous ‘best war game, period.’ We’d love to know how that’s possible with a game that features lame vehicle segments and an unbalanced multiplayer mode that makes it almost impossible for the Germans to win.

Halo 2 doesn’t fare much better.

Much like Call of Duty 3, we still cry over our decision to award Halo 2 a perfect score. The romantic story of a rogue alien and a super soldier with zero personality arguably ruined the franchise, and yet, we felt the need to call it “the mother of all first person shooters” and “a milestone in video game history.”

We’re looking at you. Worth a nose.

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