US Outrun exclusive to XBLA

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 06:11 GMT


Outrun Online Arcade is to be an Xbox 360 exclusive in the US.

According to this CVG report, the game will not be released on PSN at all in America.

Sega’s refused to comment on the reasons behind the move.

There’s no date on the Sumo-developed games as yet, apart from early 2009.

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Outrun Online Arcade

  • OutRun Online Arcade on Live now

    Microsoft’s posted OutRun Online Arcade up to Live. It’ll cost you 800 MS Points. There’s a trial version of it there, too. Buy it. It’s fun.

  • Outrun Online Arcade priced, Europe-only for PSN

    Sega’s confirmed pricing for Outrun Online Arcade, saying today that the racer will cost 800 MS Points, or £7.99/€9.99 on PSN. It’s out for 360 tomorrow and PS3 on Thursday. This Eurogamer article reckons the PSN version’s a European exclusive. Tough luck, American PlayStation 3 gamers. Press release after the break.

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