Correction: I am Alive to be released by the end of March

By Mike, Wednesday, 21 January 2009 12:19 GMT


Earlier today we told you that Ubisoft’s disaster movie FPS, I am Alive, was coming in Q1 2009. Well, we’ve had clarification from Ubisoft saying that the release date is actually “Calendar Q1” – meaning that the game will arrive much sooner than we first thought.

“On release schedule Q1 is referred as Calendar Q1 (beg of Jan to the end of March),” a senior Ubisoft representative told VG247 this afternoon.

So expect Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. sooner rather than later, too.

Ubisoft also confirmed that screenshot published yesterday (above) is indeed real.

I am Alive was announced in July last year. It was thought Jade Raymond was working on the game but that has sinced been denied by Ubisoft with Alone in the Dark devs Darkwaorks now at the helm.

Expect more media as March approaches.

By Mike Bowden

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