Greenberg: “we’re not even thinking about the next generation at this point”

By Mike, Monday, 12 January 2009 07:34 GMT


Microsoft’s American mouthpiece, Aaron Greenberg said at last week’s CES 09 that the company aren’t thinking about launching a new console any time soon.

“I think we absolutely have a very long life ahead of us. I think what we’re seeing this generation is that we have a console that is no longer limited by hardware.” the Xbox 360 product manager told G4TV.

“We’re delivering Hi-Definition experiences. We have storage. We have high-speed connectivity. So you know we’re not limited by the hardware at all.

“We see a very, very long future ahead of us as we think about the platform and we’re not even thinking about the next generation at this point,” he added.

Greenberg goes on to say that NXE has given the console a whole new lease of life: “I think that what we did with the New Xbox Experience, and many people said that it was essentially like launching a new console and we did that through the power of software.

“When we designed the Xbox 360 the strategy was, ‘What if we could make a console that we could continuously update over time?'” he offered.

“Last generation we couldn’t do that because we only had 10 percent of our owners connected to Live. But now the majority of people that own a console are connected. We’ve got 17 million people connected. We can always add new features and new functionality and so we’ll continue to do that without requiring them to buy new hardware.”

Full interview through the link.

By Mike Bowden

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