Microsoft shows post-NXE stats, no hard figures included

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 11 December 2008 07:34 GMT


Xbox production head Aaron Greenberg’s released a ton of stats on post-NXE Live, and it all makes for cheery reading. If you’re Microsoft. And you’re prepared to gloss over the fact that none of these benchmarks t have real numbers attached to them.

Bullets, all taken from Joystiq an Nelson:

  • Marketplace downloads of TV episodes were up 30% and movie downloads up 49% the week after the NXE launch.
  • No Netflix data was released.
  • Xbox LIVE Arcade sales almost tripled in the first week after the New Xbox Experience launched.
  • Post-NXE “the number of new friends added per Xbox LIVE member has risen by 33%” across both Gold and Silver Xbox Live memberships.
  • UNO which was updated to include Avatar support, saw a 650% sales spike “in just one day.” No actually sales figures were released.
  • A Kingdom for Keflings was the second-largest XBLA launch game ever. No sales figures were released.

    More through there.

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