Bethseda details Fallout 3 DLC

By Mike, Thursday, 11 December 2008 07:43 GMT


Bethesda’s detailed its Fallout 3 DLC, promising that Operation Anchorage will expand the game by roughly four to five hours.

The content will cost 800 points and is pencilled in for a January release. It will see you fight the Chinese red army and liberate the town of Anchorage via an in-game simulator. The mission will focus on stealth and a new ‘Covert Ops’ perk will be available to the player.

Operation Anchorage “will include new weapons, armor and achievements! It’s full of top-secret technology used by both sides during the war, which the player will of course be able to use throughout the main game as well,” said Fallout 3 lead producer Jeff Gardiner to IGN.

Hit the link for much more including some details on two more expansion packs, Broken Steel and The Pit.

By Mike Bowden

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