Denny: Heavy Rain is played with your head, not the pad

By Patrick Garratt, Tuesday, 9 December 2008 09:00 GMT


Speaking to GI, SCEE dev boss Michael Denny’s said that Heavy Rain has nothing to do with being “good” at games, but rather it’s about choice.

The title will appeal to the casual market as well as the core, the exec added.

“When you look at the game it is difficult to pigeon hole, and sometimes we talk about looking for new audiences. But sometimes it’s about creating a product that can may be cross over to a number of different audiences,” he said.

“We have a hope for that product that both core and casual can get into it. It’s a game that when you look about and when you understand it, it’s really not played on the control pad, as in your head.

“It’s about making choices and consequences, it’s not about twitch gaming and how good you are. We feel that the mature nature of the content can appeal to the core and then the consequence based gameplay can appeal to a newer audience, a more casual audience as well.”

There’s a full interview with Denny through there. Heavy Rain releases next year.

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