Fresh Brütal Legend news to come

By Mike, Thursday, 4 December 2008 20:33 GMT


It’s Brütal Legend week. Having already found out that the game will be at the Spike VGAs on December 14, creator Tim Schafer has now updated the official Double Fine site to tell us that more news regarding the anticipated title is on its way.

Well, that’s what we think he’s saying at least:

Dang, just when I thought it was safe to waste some time, HAUNTED SANDALWOOD sneaks up from behind and goes “Boo!” in a vaguely-brown sort of way.

Frightening! But I can’t help it. My bunions are telling me there will be some sort of news this month and I have to listen. (You try to go back to sleep when your bunions are whispering in that creepy voice. It’s not easy.)

What’s that? How could we skip Charred Topaz and Metallic Chartreuse? You got whiplash? You’re not comfortable moving this fast? Well, it’s not called the “News Comfort Level,” is it?

You got that? That’s why the man’s a genius, apparently.

Thanks, Kotaku.

By Mike Bowden

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