Gamers react badly to anti-MadWorld remarks

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 13 November 2008 12:51 GMT


“Decency” pressure group Media Watch UK has come under fire from angry gamers after it said MadWorld sounded “very unsavoury” without ever seeing the title, and that it hoped the BBFC would refuse to classify it.

The remarks were made famous by an article in UK “newspaper,” the Daily Mail.

The body received emails telling it to “shut the fuck up,” claiming it had got its “knickers in a twist” and accusing it of “narrow minded bigotry”.

Media Watch is now claiming games publication “grossly exaggerating the significance of our comments”.

Yeah. Because we’re pretty sure you judged something baselessly, got the shit kicked out of you and now you’re blaming others. Maybe you got those emails for a reason. Maybe you should be looking for some “decency” in your fucking glass houses.

More through the link.

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